Digital Media Planning

How do you deliver a consistent message in a variety of places?

Stay ahead of developing trends and technologies. Know what works and what doesn’t. And develop comprehensive, well-researched media plans that target your audiences effectively. TMP Digital Media Planning is a strategic approach – utilizing multiple touch points and connecting with the talent you need wherever they are.

Evolve with your media.

The ways we communicate have changed dramatically. With thousands of broad and niche job boards, social networks and contextual targeting opportunities, it seems like there’s a new way to tap into your target audience’s attention every day. So how you find your candidates has to change to keep up. Our digital media strategy identifies those paid media opportunities that can reach the most desirable candidates — in the most efficient way — enabling you to meet your hiring objectives.

A smart approach to planning.

  1. Understanding your needs: We get a complete picture of your situation to define the right path — from roles, hire volume, and regional considerations to budget and timelines.
  2. Research and theorize: We use a range of analytics and benchmarking data to illuminate trends and best practices.
  3. Develop your strategy: From target audience, media channels and types, to budget allocation, run times and measurement, we’ll approach your solution with insightful media plans that deliver talent in today’s competitive marketplace.
  4. Optimize and refine: A media plan should be fluid – with evaluations, adjustments, and budget reallocations along the way. And we’ll track your performance using TMP Metrics and our Metrics Gateway — measuring candidates from their first interaction with paid media throughout their journey to an actual hire.

From Facebook banners and job boards to search engine marketing (SEM) and LinkedIn display ads, our Digital Media Planning team can identify and develop the advertising mix that's right for you.

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