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Wondering what’s working and what’s not?

Tracking metrics and in-depth analytics can tell a powerful story, shining a light on optimization solutions and increasing your ROI. You’ll have the tools and a team of experienced analysts on hand to provide a holistic view of your direct and indirect recruitment marketing efforts.

Tracking & Optimization

Sharpen your Web presence and increase search engine visibility through the TalentBrew Software Platform, while continuously fine-tuning keywords, links and site design with optimization recommendations. Pull data from your various Web destinations, media plans and TalentBrew Career Site pages into one place with our self-service, on-demand Metrics Gateway tool. Reveal the most effective strategies through ROI data, including CPA, CPH, time to hire, hire ratio, quality of application and quality of hire.

Let us translate advanced analytics reports so you can see website usage, behavioral patterns and the most- and least-visited pages – painting a clear picture of who your visitors are, how they behave and what engages their attention. And detail the performance of your website, social media metrics and Web analytics, including Google Analytics and UX testing.

You’ll be able to determine the effectiveness of various creative solutions through cost-effective A/B creative testing. Benchmark existing employee surveys for future measurement with perceptions of brand effectiveness. And be on the pulse of the latest strategies and trends by connecting to our blog, webinars, white papers and TMP Labs discoveries.

Let our tracking and optimization solutions give you the control, flexibility and vision you need to influence your communications plan. Start now.

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